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Have You RSVP'D Yet_ Join us and enjoy a

3rd Annual


The purpose of The Be-You Youth Empowerment Brunch is to expose girls to the struggles and achievements of motivated women. Many girls  have very few positive female role models who have actually revised their struggle and made it their motivation to set goals for themselves, work hard and become successful. Everyone has a story, some with similar backgrounds, that can help someone else change their  perspective of life. The purpose of this brunch is to allow the girls to listen and interact with  these empowered women with the vision that they will be empowered too.

On Sunday, February 26, 2017 at Paschal's Restaurant the vision of The Young Belle Project became a reality when women of all ages gathered in the banquet hall for a southern style lunch buffet, live entertainment curtesy of DJ Reese Atl and inspirational stories from Kelly Smith-Beaty, Tanya Hill, Cheryl Wood, Tenille Clark, Saidah Nairobi, Brittany Alexis and Cyndi Mathis.  The Afternoon was hosted by the amazing Girl Power herself Judy "Jae" Nash of Love860 GirlPowerHour. There were so many motivational messages being delivered by our speakers I know for sure every girl was able to leave with something.


The girls were encouraged to "Stop being the mean girl" because while you are tending to the other girl and trying to bring her down who is tending to you and building you up. They were educated on the power of the words "I AM" and when saying it you are laying a foundation for your identity. They were instructed to be proud of where they come from and be determined to get to where they want to be. They were exposed the importance of sisterhood and building positive relationship with other people. But, overall the girls were encouraged to "Just Be You" unapologetically. 

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