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The "Lights, Camera Fashion Showcase follows the end of the Empower University Sessions. The purpose of the fashion show is to give students the opportunity to show off their custom designs and newly developed confidence. The showcase is an experience for family, friends and the community to come together to uplift and support our youth's many talents.


The Be You Empowerment Brunch is a one day conference, where youth will participate in several workshops that focus on Self- Respect, Etiquette, Entrepreneurship, Relationship Building and Self Care.

Workshops are led by experts in the field with the purpose to educate young women on major topics. Participates will get the opportunity to voice their concerns with current issues and develop techniques and skills to combat daily challenges. The vision of the brunch is for young ladies to walk away with a surplus of knowledge, a network of sisters, support and the ability to go out their and conquer their dreams.

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