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what is the be you empowerment brunch?

The Annual Be You Empowerment Brunch is a free 1 day self development conference for young women experiencing homelessness, displacement, abandonment and other adversities. The purpose of THE BE YOU BRUNCH is to expose young girls to the struggles and achievements of successful women. Many of the youth we serve have very few positive female role models who have actually revised their struggle and made it their motivation to set goals for themselves, work hard and become successful. We expose our youth to women who are relatable with similar backgrounds, with the goal of them feeling connected and empowered to overcome those similar barriers and obstacles. We encourage our girls to listen and interact with these empowered women with the vision that they will be empowered too.

During the one day conference teens will be escorted to a series of workshops that focus on Self- Respect, Etiquette, Entrepreneurship, Relationship Building and Self Care. Workshops are led by experts in the field with the purpose to educate young women on major topics. Participates will get the opportunity to voice their concerns with current issues and develop techniques and skills to combat daily challenges. The vision of the brunch is for young ladies to walk away with a surplus of knowledge, a network of sisters, support and the ability to go out their and conquer their dreams.

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