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#YouTalk Self Care Edition Recap
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Our Virtual & Small Group Youth Summit #YouTalk stands for Youth Over coming Uncertainty (Y.O.U).  After speaking with several of our girls we realized some conversations and experiences were needed, including people to have them with. We created this safe space as a way to disconnect from everything surrounding us in the media and reconnect around positive individuals with purpose and certainty. #YouTalk is a continuation of our mission to Expose, Engage, and Expand the Definition of Girl Power by Partnering with professionals from various fields to bring our youth external experiences into their homes and community to encourage personal growth and academic excellence. 

#YouTalk covers topics from Self-Care, Body image, Meditation & Mindfulness, Social Media and so much more. Our sessions are flexible and facilitated by passionate individuals of all ages. Sometimes we talk, dance, and even create. The focus is to ensure we are providing free monthly opportunities our girls actually need to continue their individual Journeys. 

#YouTalk is Free and open to Teen Girls ages 12+ 

Registration is Required

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